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Leadership Development

When you own a business, you are thrust into a leadership position.  Not every person may be a natural born leader, but together, we will identify your strengths and your weaknesses.  From there, we will customize a plan for you to learn and develop new and improved skills to be the kind of leader that inspires your team to be productive and want to work with and for you.  In turn, the workplace environment will become more dynamic, rewarding, and profitable.

Staff Development

It may sound cliche and you've heard this before, but your team is your greatest asset.  Without a doubt, investing time and energy into providing continuing education, training, and mentorship for your staff will net you rewards, but your investment needs to make sense.  After analyzing your business, your business model, and your team, we will customize a long-term plan to incorporate a staff development program that fosters loyalty and fulfillment in your workplace.

Customer Service Training

What drives most consumer decisions sight unseen?  The answer is customer reviews and ratings.  In an era of keyboard courage, how do you ensure glowing 5 Star reviews on a consistent basis?  The answer is customer service.  Providing exemplary customer service on a consistent basis fosters customer loyalty.  In addition, it yields a safety net against unfavorable reviews.  Why?  Because 100% of the time you have confidence in your team and how they treat your customers.  Together, we will review your customer service model and identify what your team is doing right and what needs improvement. We will implement a comprehensive training plan in order to set your business apart from your competitors and your business will set the bar others strive to achieve.

Conflict Management

Most people don't enjoy conflict.  In fact, most people don't have the innate tools nor good role models that have shown them how to resolve conflict in order to achieve a productive and pleasant resolution.  The first step to unraveling conflict is creating a safe and effective atmosphere for all parties to navigate comfortably in what is usually a very uncomfortable situation.  This requires you and your team to buy in to the fact that in order for them to win as an individual, they must be a part of a collective plan to maintain the peace in the face of friction.  Together, we will work to design and implement a conflict resolution model that will be a foundational component to how your team treats you, each other and your customers. 

Web Design and Content Support

Amazing Grace Services provides customized web design services that represent you, your brand, your vision, and your product.  In addition, we provide you insight and guidance regarding your website and blog content to find the voice and intention that is unique to your brand and your brand messaging.

5S Training

At Amazing Grace Services we strive very hard to maintain a positive spin on everything we do.  

Here are the hard truths of having a disorganized work environment:

1) You and your team are less effective and efficient.

2) Productivity is decreased.

3) Poor organization negatively impacts time management skills.

4) Being disorganized causes stress and anxiety.  

Here are the welcome truths of organizing your work environment: 

1) Improved health comes with organization because of reduced stress and anxiety.  

2) Time management improves because the tools to do your job are readily accessible.

3) Productivity increases when the work environment is organized.

4) Efficiency is more consistent for all team members which means more opportunities for a good work life balance.

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